Hello! My name's Adam, 22 years young from the sunny south coast of the United Kingdom. By day, I am a design-oriented developer and digital consultant. By night, well, mostly that too.

Sasha and I aboard the MS Queen Elizabeth en route to Hamburg, August 2016.

On the rare occasion I get some free time I enjoy being on the water, anything that will float; playing the piano, attempting to at least; and spending time with my girlfriend, Sasha.

As a digital native, I have always been fascinated by the limitless possibilities of the internet. I aspire to use my passion for the medium to be a part of something that changes the world for the better, one day. :v::peace:

For now though, this website serves as a personal playground and home of the occasional blog post. I have never been much of a writer, as much as I love the idea, so I like to think of my posts as little works of digital art; a way of trying out new ideas that are a touch too experimental for my day-to-day client projects. You should check them out.

If for one reason or another you'd like to contact me, is normally a good choice. I also , LinkedIn, Instagram, Dribbble and email (but you have to ask for that one, or just look hard enough).